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Saturday, March 18, 2006 - Social Bookmarking Site (03-19-06)
Google PR: 7
Alexa Traffic Rank: 432
Google Indexed Pages: 6,980,000
MSN Backlinks: 419,275
Backlinks Pass PR: Yes
Technology was registered in Febuary of 2000 by Allindom. The wayback machine shows activity for the domain as early as 98’ with their current system available in January of 05’. In my opinion is the most prominent social bookmarking site available today. A single digg has the ability to bring 20+ unique visitors with some articles pulling several thousand diggs.

Simplicity is great but I personally prefer a feature rich system. Digg’s base system is simple enough for anyone to use and they offer several advanced features. My favorite is their Digg Spy option. This is a real time display of all articles that are being dugg and flagged.

New Feature: Add Digg News to Your Site.
If you have a technology site this is an excellent way to provide your users with real time quality content. This is very much like an RSS feed that is displayed on your site instead of through a feed reader. It is possible to convert an RSS feed into html but this is far more convenient. I definitely plan to use this feature sometime in the near future.


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